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1.  Click the "Register Now" button below to create your account.

2.  Enter parent/student info to see & choose from list of classes.

3. Registration will be processed within 24hrs.

4. Pay by check or save credit/debit card for convenient auto payments.


Payment of Registration and first month's tuition 

will secure your child's spot in the class. 

Registration Fee

Core Dance requires a $35 registration fee for the first student and $25 for each additional student.

Class Tuition

Classes are billed monthly, per classroom hour per week. Call for pricing. 


Recital Fee

Recital fees are due for each scheduled performing class. Included in recital fees are-

  • One costume per class

  • Full color class picture in program

  • Participation in rehearsal and recital

  • 1080P digital download of entire recital

Private & Semi-Private Lessons
To schedule privates, send us an email. 24-hour notice is required on all cancellations.

  • $45 per half hour;  $75 per /hour

For more information regarding fees and policies please click here.

For more information on CORE PERKS please click here.

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