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Update: August 9th, 2020 (6:00PM)

· Parents are asked to drop off and pick up at the studio door.  Only ones that will be permitted in studio during business hours are students & staff. If your child is in need of any shoes or dancewear, please send us an email with their sizes and we can pull the inventory, bag it and have it ready for them upon arrival.  We will simply bill your card on file. 

· Students are instructed to arrive on time, not early, to their scheduled classes.  If you do arrive to the studio early, we ask that you wait in your cars until class change.

· We have the sidewalk out front marked at 6' in both directions from the door.  Should the lobby become too crowded, we will ask students to form the lines outside and admit one at a time as students enter class. 

· Students are asked to remove shoes in the lobby, get a temperature check, use hand sanitizer and then get ready for class. Any student with a temp of 100.7 or higher will be sent home. 

· Studios are marked with tape at 6' intervals.  We are requiring all students adhere to the spacing. 

· The lobby and student lounge are closed for now.

· If a student has a break between classes, they are to make arrangements to be picked up or wait in their cars. With your permission, students may also patronize Sip-N-Chew next door.  (check business hours)

·  All touched surfaces will be sanitized at every class change, including but not limited to, door knobs, barres, light switches, sinks and toilets.  During class, we will remind students to wash hands at every water break and class change and not to touch their mouth, nose or eyes. 

· Water fountains are CLOSED.  Please be sure to pack water (with a top) for your children.

We deeply thank you for your support during this time. As a small business owner, your continued dedication to our mission ensures that we can continue doing the work we can do. As always, we are open to any questions and concerns. Please feel free to email us at  

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