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Core Elements Performing Arts Company (CEPAC)


Dance is a form of artistic expression, designed for performing.  The ultimate goal of dance training is the performance!  Until the dance student performs for a live audience, their training is incomplete.  Many dance students will perform only once a year-on a stage in the recital.  CEPAC is a group of more serious dancers who desire more than that once-a-year opportunity.  CEPAC dancers LOVE to be on a stage!  The performance company will provide you with more opportunities to be in the spotlight and share your talent with others while building life long friendships.  


We believe in creating a HEALTHY competition experience for students (and parents) to grow.  Its about training and performing.  Whether they win, or which award they win, is secondary.

Core Elements Performance Company is made up of four Companies:

EARTH (approx ages 5-10*)

WIND (approx ages 8-13*)

FIRE (approx ages 10-15*)

WATER (approx ages 14-18*)

*Dancers are placed according to age & level.


Requirements for CEPAC members are as follows-

No less than the following weekly classes:

  • Ballet

  • Jazz, J/L/T

  • Contemporary (Not required for Earth)

  • Lyrical (Earth & Wind Only)

  • Tap 

  • Hip-Hop (Not required for Earth)

CEPAC members must participate in the Raise the Barre Summer Intensive (auditions are immediately following). Company Orientation & Information meeting will be held on Saturday, May 22nd, at 11:00AM.

5905 Atlanta Highway

Suite 103

Alpharetta, GA 30004

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