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What is ability to groove?

Dance is an excellent way to express creativity, yet for young people with disabilities there can be obstacles. Ability to Groove is a program for people with disabilities to express their emotions through dance. Ability to Groove opens up a whole new world to individuals with disabilities, a world where they can just move, be free and self-expressive. 

Eileen and Alexis offer a therapeutic environment that teaches not just dance routines, but social skills and how they can use their body to convey their emotions and their frustrations.

Eileen and Alexis are strong advocates in the disability community and heavily promote inclusion in the performing arts space.

who are the instructors?

 Alexis Fox and Eileen Himel have worked with special needs children in our community for years and have designed Ability to Groove classes to focus on encompassing socialization and motor skills through the art of dance.


Alexis Fox currently works as a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst. 

Eileen Himel has a Master's level education in mental health and currently works as an education and physical fitness coach for children and young adults with autism.

Click Here for full biographies of our instructors. 

When is class & How do i register?

Classes are held biweekly on Sunday's beginning October 4th at Core Dance & Acrobatics Studios located in Alpharetta, GA. Please Click Here for a full list of class dates.

Ages 6-12 years old / 3PM-4PM

Ages 13 & Up / 4PM-5PM

To register for class, email

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