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artist development series

Core’s Artist Development Series classes are an intermediate to advanced level series of courses which are designed to further the Artistry of Dance. These classes are designed to explore creativity and movement in a professional manner while simultaneously giving the dancer a space to turn their craft into a professional art form.


These Artist Development Series classes are offered in sessions of 6 classes. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page for registration. Space is limited.

Improv Techniques

Within this class, dancers will be given prompts and guidelines to aid in the cultivation of their own dance language through spontaneous movement. Allowing the body to freely move off of artistically driven instincts produces new, creative ideas to emerge from the artist due to the immersive experience of connecting the mind and body. These new discoveries and new ways of moving can then be added as a supplement to the dancer’s overall effectiveness as a professional dancer, mover, artist, and performer.

Choreographer's Mind

This class will lay down the framework of what it means to be a choreographer. Students will be given insight on ways to gain inspiration for making movement, how to communicate their ideas efficiently, and what to strive for when they are the ones creating the space/environment for creation and dancers to flow with ease. Gaining this perspective will enable the dancer to become more knowledgeable of the role and the responsibilities of being a choreographer, which in return will make the choreographic process become smoother for both parties. Also, taking this class and placing the dancer in the role of a choreographer has the potential to open their eyes to a whole new interest or avenue within their artistic career.

Jumps, Leaps, & Turns

This class focuses on improving technical skills for leaps, jumps and turns. It is  a technique class, and enrollment is highly encouraged for the competitive dancer.

 This class typically will include a warmup, flexibility, and conditioning with a more intense focus on body alignment, centering, and extension that will improve overall balance, core strength, and ultimately technique. 

As the class progresses, the teacher will move into practicing various leaps, jumps, and turns while correcting posture and technique with the individual dancer. 

This class allows an instructor the opportunity to correct and improve upon skills introduced in Jazz or Ballet as well as early intervention with improper form and alignment that may impede mastering future dance skills. 

Having good technique is an indication of the maturity of a dancer and thereby increases scores when performing a technical skill at a competition

Billed in 6 week Sessions:

1 Class Session: $120

2 Class Session: $215

3 Class Session: $305

Session 1- August-October | Last 2 Friday's of each month.

Session 2- February-April | Last 2 Fridays of each month.

Session 3- TBA

Dancers can take 1, 2, or all 3 classes offered. Cost covers the entire 6 weeks.

Session 1: 

4:30 Elementary Improv Techniques

5:30 Jumps, Leaps, & Turns

6:30 Teen Improv Techniques

7:30 Choreographer's Mind

All Classes are 1 hour in length & held on Friday's (Classes will change with each session)

Elementary Level 3, Intermediate to Advanced Teen, or by Invitation or Approval Only.

Artistry Series Registration
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