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Aaron James

Aaron James was born into a family of athletes, music lovers and creators. So it's no surprise that his favorite sport, basketball, had much to do with the professional dancer he is today. His competitive nature began in high school playing on the Varsity basketball team. Being the competitor he is, Aaron found he could focus his energy towards dance. Entering himself in dance battles around the southeast turned into forming his own dance crew and eventually turned into a full fledged professional dance career.


Aaron has danced all over the world for various recording artists and has appeared in numerous movies and tv shows as an actor and/or dancer. Some of his credits include: America's Best Dance Crew, Pharrell, Little Big Town, T- Pain, CMT Awards, Jacob Latimore. Still a very active and working professional dancer, Aaron enjoys sharing his experiences and what he is currently learning as an industry dancer with his students to help them reach their full potential. 


Aaron has trained in all levels and styles (popping, locking, break dancing, house, krumping) of hip hop for 12 years and continues to train from world renowned studios in Atlanta and Los Angeles. Dance 411, Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio and Madilyn Clark Studios to name a few. Aaron has been gifted the opportunities to work under and learn from some of the most sought after choreographers and creative directors of our generation including Cher, Justin Timberlake, Disney, Omarion, You Got Served, Stomp The Yard, Ciara, Usher and Justin Bieber.

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